Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sept 5th (The Art show strikes back! at octane gallery


Kustom Thrills Tattoo has set aside part of their studio as an art gallery featuring local talent of all shapes and sizes. Named Octane! Gallery, this space will soon be the home of "The Artshow Strikes Back!", featuring local pop surrealist artists Charles Bennett and Jeff Bertrand. Opening September 5th (and runnin...g through October 17th), "The Artshow Strikes Back!" will feature Star Wars themed artwork by Bennett and Bertrand and even some collaborations that they will work on together. Those who choose to enter can expect to see anything from the well known characters like Darth Vader all the way down to the characters that were seen in only one scene yet have names and entire backstories. The show will be included in the East Nashville Art Stroll so be sure to bring your light sabers and use your Jedi Mind power as you enter a Galaxy far far away. All of the art work will be priced to sell so come prepared, you must.

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